30 December 2008

Grace in small things

We've become distracted. And rightfully so. All that's going on in the back yard is some sleeping garlic and trying to keep a lonely chicken company. A good bit of our time has been spent developing classes and saving cash for the beta of Future House Farm.

It's looking like Future House Farm will happen in two, hopefully not three, stages. Stage one will most likely be something small. If we can find a three bed, one bath, on a tenth of an acre, we'll consider it a success. Afterwards, we're hoping to move again in about three or four years with equity and more loot to put down.

There will be a garden or two this year squeezed in between the move. This will be a fine lesson in container care. If we move by early June we will still have time for tomatoes and peppers, and Spring and Fall crops will be a cinch, but in different yards.

In the mean time, the blog must go on. There is always something happening here, but it has been difficult to frame it in a way that is relevant for the blog, yet doesn't seem like a collection of disjointed yammerings. Thankfully, a few weeks ago Kelly from Her Able Hands announced that she would be participating in 365 days of Grace in Small Things.

Essentially the project is to take a moment, over the course of a year, and notice the little things, or big things, that make life kick ass. These little things don't have to be from the day of the post, nor are they in any particular order. So here we go.

1 of 365

1. Coffee made in a French press.

2. First pot roast in our new Le Creuset dutch oven.

3. Digging for carrots in cold mud.

4. Listening to Mike Lange call a Pens game.

5. Frozen chocolate chip cookie dough.


Kelly said...

yay, glad you're on board with the grace in small things thing.

happy new year!!


livinginalocalzone said...

I like this idea! And you know, two stages, or three, or four, your plan is happening and that is reason for happiness. Your #3 today (digging for carrots in cold mud) is a great one - and funny too, as I found recently when tugging with all my might but being unable to break through the frozen ground!