06 December 2008


The garlic we planted a month ago is beginning to sprout. We went to a studio show hosted by Nell (my ceramics instructor) and used the travel opportunity to pick up a bale of straw. Hopefully tomorrow we will cover the garlic and post about Nell's chickens and our new pots.


Kylee said...

Garlic is an allium. They'll do that. Mine did that last fall, too. Don't worry!

Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife said...

Dang. You beat me to it. My post today was on my own garlic sprouts.

Very nice photo.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about garlic sprouts lately too.... do you know how they manage through the winter? As a new-ish localvore, I've lots to learn.... Yours look nice and strong though.

Kelly said...

Hey Kylee,

Yeah I hear ya; years earlier we let our garlic get about 6-8 inches before we mulched them with straw. We just want to get them covered before the ground freezes and the cloves pop out.

Sup Kate,

It is that time of year:)

Hello L.I.A.L.Z.

Garlic needs a dormant period. So it is important to get them in the ground before Winter. Plant in October and harvest in June (roughly). When you give them the yank, lay them out on a table (outside) to cure for about a week.

CatHerder said...

yikes..i havent checked mine....and i did NOT mulch it like i should have :-(