16 January 2009

Grace in small things #18

1. Andrew Wyeth. R.I.P. (His home is just a few miles from here.)

2. Caught up on comments. Hearing from you all makes blogging worth while. Thank you.

3. I will not be setting the alarm this evening.

4. The Union paid for lunch.

5. Presently the Penguins are winning. I hope I didn't jinx them.


livinginalocalzone said...

"I will not be setting the alarm this evening" - that thought makes me smile every Friday as I head up the stairs to go to bed. Walking right past my alarm clock (other side of the room from my bed) and knowing I don't have to touch it. Yep. A small thing, but such a good thing. Enjoy the weekend :-)

linda said...

I love that painting by Wyeth. Secretly, I think his work is why I ended up buying a farm:)