17 July 2009

The Magical Fruit

We've got beans! And they're on target to be the first thing, other than herbs, that we'll get to eat from our new garden. Bushing beans take up very little space and produce like crazy, so they are a great choice for a small garden. We kind of went a little nuts with the number of seeds we planted, but we didn't have any spring crops and thought beans would make up for the deficiency. So far they are working out wonderfully.


Clong said...

Who cares if you planted too many, they freeze so beautifully! :)

frugalmom said...

Yum! We are eating on these right now from our garden. They are very tasty.

jaz said...

awwwww...how cute! i have the same thing in my beds. i actually have eaten a few but i've had farm more snow peas at this point!

TheOrganicSister said...

Amazingly, beans are one of the worst things for us this year. I can't figure it out except to say it's a real tribute to our "soil". We plan to build more raised beds this fall to use for all our annuals so hopefully that will fix that problem next year.


PS I found your blog via Google Reader's recommendation. Glad to "meet" you!

Kelly said...

Hello Clong,
We hear ya. Hopefully by the end of this week we will freeze our first batch of the year.

Hey Frugalmom,
We just cooked some last night with some salt, fresh parsley, and lightly browned butter. It was amazing.

Hey Jaz,
We didn't have the chance to plant snow peas this year. Hopefully we can get a fall crop in.

Hello Tara,
Glad to meet you too. Rock on with the unschooling.
Beans have been the one consistency in our garden since we've started this little adventure. They seem to be great companions to so many other vegetables that we find few areas in the garden without at least some variety crawling or climbing.