16 July 2009

Raise the Roof

It that title too obvious? In any case, most of the framing is done for the roofs over the deck and basement door. There are a few more pieces to add tomorrow, and then we'll add the actual roof panels and the railings. Can't wait to sit out there, drinking coffee and checking out the garden.


jaz said...

looking good!!! is your place a duplex? you might be selling veggies to the neighbors! they all must be in awe of your garden.

John said...

drinking coffee.... or beer.

Kelly said...

Hey Jaz,
Thanks. Yes, our house is a duplex (around here they call it a half a double). Our neighbors are certainly interested in what we've been doing, but I must say that I am pleasantly amazed at how many people in this town have vegetable gardens; it's absolutely wonderful.