04 August 2009


It's Musikfest here in Bethlehem. This is actually my first time experiencing the week long shindig and I must say that it is pretty damn awesome. In attendance at the festival they have some pretty big names playing at their larger venues, but the real gems are the not so big names with incredible talent who sometimes don't get a stage at all. The video below is a guy who's shtick is called Cast in Bronze. He made this four-ton contraption and I believe it's the only one of it's kind. Needles to say, I was impressed.

The real surprise of the performance came at the end of his gig and unfortunately we didn't get it on video. So this guy has this whole quite medieval thing going, like he's a monk or from Cirque du Soleil, but then he dropped the bomb and spoke. I kid you not, the cat sounds just like Comic Book Guy. The contradiction was so intense I almost started to drool from laughter.


Jason said...

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Laurel said...

I'm so glad that you can finally experience the "bell guy" - so many other great acts, too! We're lucky to have this festival in Bethlehem. Can't wait to see the roof! Pictures look awesome.

jimmycrackedcorn said...

This was one of the most awesome videos I have ever seen! I love analog mechanical stuff like this. Maybe the reason for the ninja costume was because he really IS the guy who does the voice for that character, incognito.