05 August 2009

Roof's up

We finished the roof over the back deck today.

The panel material we chose lets in the light, but blocks UV rays and keeps things cool.

Next on the agenda will be to put up the railing. After that we will make the call for the final inspection and then it will be time for the rain harvester.


Christina said...

It looks great. Good work!

Kate said...

Looks very nice! Tom got attended a rain barrel workshop last weekend and got his first barrel set up. He's eager to get more entrained, but he lacks the essential resource: time. Eventually he'll get there, I'm sure.

We'd still love to see your system sometime, as time permits.

Abbie said...

Wow, this looks great! Where do you plan to get your rain barrel? I just saw a standard sized one at a store for $100 the other day and nearly fell over. Great work!