07 August 2009

Swing Bees

On our way back from a day at Musikfest we walked by a little community garden. Their space is along the fence of a neighborhood playground. The garden is about four feet deep and half a city block long. We hung out and talked with one of the volunteers and she said that the garden runs on a pretty lax policy of plant what you want, pick what you want. The whole set up is simple and kept up well, but what really got our attention were the number of honey bees and the incredible sound of a neighbor practicing the sax.


Laurel said...

don't you just love bethlehem?? so cool.

Sunny Serafino said...

Finally figured out to contact you. I'm not so swift technically. Love your blog and the photos of these bees are incredible. Is there a place to just post a general comment about your blog?
Love what you are doing!
Grandma from Florida