23 December 2009

New Cookbook

We like to open gifts in small spurts around here. You know, it's what we wished we could do as kids, but we weren't allowed. Well, we play by our own rules now.

When I was an undergrad I used to watch the hell out of cooking shows and one of my favorites was Jamie Oliver's The Naked Chef. I really dig his approach to food. He has been cooking close to the home since long before it was the cool thing to do. His style in the kitchen is challenging for the everyday home cook, but it is far from unapproachable.

To my great joy, Meg bought me Jamie's Cook Your Way to the Good Life. The book is his account of the relationship between his kitchen and his garden. He broke the book into seasons and shares a few recipes that have ingredients that come from that season. The recipes seem simple and the results look anything but ordinary.


TheOrganicSister said...

i've never been a food channel person...or a food making person. but this sounds up my alley. i'll check him out. thanks!

el said...

Hah! We don't do food shows either but last winter I got ALL of Two Fat Ladies on Netflix and watched them all with my then-5 year old girl. She LOVES FISH because of the Two Fat Ladies! So, just this week, strangely, we got Jamie Oliver's first installment of Oliver's Twist and, well, we liked it but he doesn't have half the charm as the old broads, in fact, the kid fell asleep during the 2nd show. Ah well. Food is good though.

Kelly said...

No problem, enjoy. If you believe that you may get into food, I would suggest that you invest in The Food Lover's Companion. It's essentially a dictionary for the kitchen.

The day before you commented, we were in a bookstore and saw the Two Fat Ladies box set. We were very close to buying it and I'm still not sure why we didn't. You can't beat a cooking show that stars two British ladies with shotguns and motorcycles. Classic fun.

Grasshopper said...

I think Jamie's cookbook would really help us appreciate cooking more than fancy menus from restaurants; especially that we can get herbs and other ingredients in our garden. I also love trying new recipes.My wife and I tried this Turkey Pot Pie recipe after our Christmas eat. Happy Holidays!

Kelly said...

Hey Grasshopper,

Jamie Oliver does a fine job showing how really good food doesn't have to be really hard to make. Thanks for the recipe.