19 December 2009

Snow my god

You know, it was just the other day that I was griping because we hardly get snow anymore. Now we're supposed to get something like eight inches of snow tonight. I know that is just a dusting to our Northern and Appalachian neighbors, but we'll take it. Play safe everybody.


our friend Ben said...

We got 4 inches up here, heard Philly was supposed to get 12 at least. What did you end up with?

Lynne said...

Would love to see your little garden all decked out in snow! We got a bit slammed up here on the Cape. Not sure how many inches, depends on how the wind blew, but it's deep!

Kelly said...

Hey Ben,
We ended up with 6-8 fluffy, sparkly inches. Bethlehem looks amazing right now.

Hello Lynne,
If I remember, I'll snap a shot of the garden tomorrow.