20 December 2009

Sunday Morning Cleanup

This is our first winter without chickens—it's a drag. When we had the ladies, it always gave us something to do outside, no matter what the time of year. Now that we live in a city, with a small yard and no hens, my only outdoor excitement is when I get to shovel snow (it's lame, I know). I believe the search for a sledriding hill just got bumped up on the winter to-do list.


our friend Ben said...

No chickens are a bummer, Kelly! Can't you find some way to work two or three in? How about an Egglu?

Kate said...

This is our first winter *with* the chickens. So yeah, we're (I'm) outside every day, like it or not. Tom shoveled off the driveway today; we only got ~5". How many did you get?

Come visit our happy girls if you're desperate. They're young'uns, so they're laying well. That means we could spare you some eggs, guys.

Kelly said...

Hey Ben,
Unfortunately the city of Bethlehem has an ordinance against chickens. It is an unfortunate drag.

We got about 7 or 8 inches.
We may have to take you up on the poultry visit. Also we have a question for you concerning soup bones, but that can wait for the next time we get together.