23 January 2010

The Anteaters

I was clicking through YouTube the other day and found this little clip. I had never heard of The Anteaters or The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, but I'm a big fan now. The tune is a happy one and it makes me want to get out to the garden. Enjoy.


JP said...

Fantastic! We recently bought a cable to connect our laptop to our TV for (watching netflix.) After a dinner party we all sat around yelling out crazy combinations to search on youtube just to see what's out there, like 'exploding whale' and such. Amazing what you can find!

Anonymous said...

All right this is totally unrelated in any way to this post but i was wondering if you had ever grown egyptian walking onions? I recently ordered a few sets and planted them indoors and they are taking off beautifully! Apparently they are supposed to set bulbs at the bottom like regular onions but they also put out little clusters of bulbs at the top as well instead of a flower. At the end of the season you can pick those off and eat them along with the rest of the plant or you can plant them as well. I'm told that they are called walking onions because the weight of the bulbs at the top bend the stalk down and the little bulblets root and begin new plants therefore spreading or "walking". I was wondering if you had ever heard of these things because to me they sound marvellous! Also it said on the packet that so long as your soil doesn't freeze solid you can keep them as a spreading perennial. Personally I seriously doubt that mine will be spreading much seeing as we eat so many onions. Still I find myself excited to see if they turn out as awesome as I hope!

Kelly said...

Hello JP,

It is amazing how much time can be spent just clicking links. My favorite parts about Youtube are the interpretations of literary works. Some of the homemade ones are the best. I like to share them in my lit classes to show my students the possibilities of a little creativity. They love it.

Hey Anon,

We have heard of walking onions and we would love to try them some day. Unfortunately, our little city garden is not amenable to wandering plants. Also, in response to your comment about cast iron skillets; we couldn't agree more. We have a Griswold #8 that used to be my grandmother's. We use it almost daily :)

JANNA1718 said...