10 June 2010


This year was our first successful venture with heading lettuce. The greens are tasty and the little ball is cute, but for all practical purposes, the loose stuff makes far more sense. I like the idea of cutting whenever I please and knowing that what I do cut will replenish itself. Eh, oh well.

Yesterday we got some much needed rain. I'm sure we've posted this video before, but...


Sunshyne said...

It looks like you are having great luck with your gardening! This is my first year/first try at veggie gardening - not doing well. lol

Jackie said...

Hello--I found your blog ...somehow? Who knows how many clicks I made to get here. Anyway, all my relatives live in Bethlehem so I enjoyed looking at your blog and photos. We are also trying to start a community garden in my town, but with poor interest. Good luck with yours!

Kelly said...

Hello Sunshyne,
The first few years for us were quite interesting; actually this was the first year we both felt like we made some reasonable progress. But hell, the fun is in the experiment. Keep on keepin' on.

Hi Jackie,
I've noticed that the wonderful folks of Bethlehem, in general, have pretty green thumbs. If you ever want to talk about community gardens, and you happen to be in town for a visit, give us a call.