27 June 2010

The Summer so far (part 1)

Yes part one.

Where the hell has June gone? Well actually I know where it's gone, because it's a happy mess stored on our camera. Let's see what we can do to get caught up:

We went to Crayola again to talk about city gardens. If you remember last time, our target audience was children; this time around we got to hang with the adults. We only had 45 minutes, so the breadth of our material was short. What we gave them was kind of a How-to 101. About 25 employees attended the gig and the feedback was fantastic. I believe we'll be going back in February to talk about companion planting.

So, not like I need to tell you, but Crayola is awesome. We thought it was pretty rad that they have these Lunch & Learns (their title), which all promote health awareness, but we also just learned that they are currently in the process of installing a shitload of solar panels to become practically energy independent. We thought that was very cool.

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