28 June 2010

The Summer so far (part 2)

Okay, okay—this isn't exactly a catch up post, so it shouldn't be a part of the series. But to hell with it, we'll live. Eh?

Today we pick the season's first tomato. No joke, no greenhouse, no chemicals, no shittin'. Yes we still live in PA and yes we started this dog from seed. Hot damn we're excited!

After last year's blight issues, it's good to see the tomatoes getting off to a good start.


Kate said...

I picked my very first Sungold yesterday morning. It was okay, but not great. I'll give the others a few more days. Been wondering about all this heat we're having. I recently heard tomatoes produce most of their sugars during cool nights following hot days. Know anything about this? If it's true, it would explain why all the hot days didn't make that Sungold delicious.

Taylor said...

I think I'll have Sungolds by the end of the week, but probably no "real" tomatoes before July, which is still VERY early for us! Thank you for the hot sun, weather gods!

Kelly said...

Hi Kate,
Meg and I were just wondering if the cool night thing is similar to why carrots are sweeter after a frost. Is it a starch to sugar thing? hmm

Hello Taylor,
These are the first tomatoes that we've ever been able to harvest before July. I certainly attribute the early pick to a very hot June.

Anonymous said...

I envy your guys' climate. It's a wonky summer here in Seattle. So far we've only had 1 day above 75 degrees, and it won't be in the 70's till after the 4th.

Stevie from GardenTherapy.ca said...

YAY - no tomatoes here yet - but some are starting to turn colour. yippee.

Kelly said...

Hello Anon,
That sounds like terrible tomato weather.

Hi Stevie,
It's the beginning of July now and I have a feeling that in another week or two we will be swimming in tomatoes. We can't wait.