13 June 2008

Battle for the brassicas

Last year everyone of our brassicas was molested to ruin by a flock of cabbage moths and their demon worm spawn. This year we installed some spun forcefields (just say no to chemicals) and victory is ours. We just harvested our first head of broccoli and it was effing delicious.


Di said...

My brassicas aren't as far along as yours (I think I'm more northern than you) ... but what is a spun forcefield? Mine are coming up and I don't want those evil nasties on my plants!


Kelly said...

Hey Di,
I probably should have linked that one. Click on this link and it will take you to the post that explains the floating row cover.

Curtis said...

Looks great and yummy. Every cold crop in my garden is bolting.

CeeCee said...

Hooray!! I was successful with broccoli for the first time this year. I really expected it to taste just like grocery store broccoli. I mean, how different could it taste?? It was "effing delicious". I couldn't get over how wonderful it was!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Those are simply gorgeous.

Danielle said...

Hi Kelly and Meg,

Just wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of your blog. I've been lurking for a few months, gleaning bits of wisdom about gardening and such. I love your projects, especially your bamboo tomato trellis.

I thought that, if I introduced myself, some of your gardening success might rub off on our first-year garden in western Mass. Take care!

Lisa B-K said...

Absolutely nothing like fresh broccoli right off the plant. I treat it like fresh-picked sweet corn - I run inside with it for immediate preparation, because that's how it's best.

Love the blog - I'm a new lurker.

Katie said...

It all looks very pristine. Row covers for the win!

Jean Ann said...

they are gorgeous! did you try Bt? I used it this year...remains to be seen if it will save them...

Meryl said...

Your cabbages are gorgeous. Mine are looking a little chewed on this year, sadly. I may have to try the row covers next year.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Worthy of a book cover (or at least a full-page in a mag). Congratulations!!! And don't forget to eat the broccoli leaves along with the heads and stems. They're delicious, too! Just set 'em on top when you steam the stems and florets.

miriam@mysisterdalesgarden.com said...

what is a spun forcefield? i am organic and have had a wicked time with my cabbage and broccoli.


Kelly said...

Hello Curtis,
We have a few crops that are bolting (lettuce mainly), but we have been pretty fortunate to keep everything going so far. Granted, it doesn't hurt that we live in Pennsylvania, but where we have some of our cold crops positioned, they should hold for quite a while.

What's up CeeCee,
I couldn't agree with you more. They are so damn flavorful. I've started freezing some of the stems we don't eat to use later for soup stock.

Hey Jenny,
Why thank you.

Greetings Danielle,
It's a pleasure to have you lurking. Not all of our gardening projects are successes, but we have a whole lot of fun trying all the same.

Howdy Lisa,
Welcome to the blog. It's good to hear that Meg and I aren't the only ones who sprint from the garden with produce. Happy eating.

Hello Katie,
Oh yeah, row covers for the BIG win.

Hey Jean Ann,
We have not use Bt in our garden. We have heard very good things about it and we applaud that it is all natural. However, Meg and I try not to put anything on our plants. Why? I don't know. We kind of have this "Little House on Prairie" approach to gardening (the books, not the show). Granted, we use PVC for our row cover ribs, but other than that, it's a whole lot of bug squishing and companion planting.

Hello Meryl,
We're sorry to hear about the unwanted chewing. I'm telling you, row covers are the way to go. You can also put a heavier cover on them in the winter to extend your growing season. They are great.

Hey there Ben,
Thanks for the tip. We we're just going to shred the leaves and use them for stock or feed them to the chickens. We'll give them a try this weekend.

Hi Miriam,
Click on the link I left for Di (earlier in the comments). The floating row covers we use are called Agribon. I'm telling you, they are awesome. Remember that it's not to late to set some covers up for a Fall brassica planting. Good luck to you.