19 July 2009

Buy Local

We have a great little book shop in our city—it's actually the oldest continually-operating book store in the world. Yesterday, when we walked into town to order a few books, we realized that we ought to be blogging about some of the locally-owned businesses nearby.

The ease and convenience of shopping at independent businesses is kind of new to us here, as our previous abode was in the middle of a strip-mall wasteland (except for our favorite brewery and book store). Now, we've got a completely opposite situation—the chain stores are actually more out of the way and annoying to get to, which is no loss for us. Stay tuned for more posts about cool places in our neighborhood.


Clong said...

Fun! Can't wait!

jaz said...

hey...great idea! this will be fun to follow!

Dawn (dandy) said...

I have a great obsession of little independent bookstores! Thank you!